08/11 Ryan’s “Crisp Fall” Monday Night Forecast

The skies remained clear and the air fresh over the weekend, but that will change soon.

The weather has been consistently clear over the past few days, but that will change shortly. Not tonight though as the only change we’ll see is a slight increase in temperature. It will be barely noticeable as it climbs from a minimum of 40 to a minimum of 46 tonight with calming winds. Tomorrow’s high pressure remains roughly the same near 73, but we will see increasing clouds and a weak “return flow” set in with southerly winds approaching a front.

This will keep cloud formation going through the middle of the week and humidity will continue to increase until Thursday.

Until then, it looks like we’ll see a few possible showers as a front passes by at lunchtime. Thunderstorms are possible, but at the moment it doesn’t seem like we have to worry about anything more serious. Then, for the third weekend in a row, we’re going to witness a great recovery as the crisp, fresh air returns. It will bring a more perfect fall like weather in southern MS state next week.

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