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Microsoft is making an unprecedented move amid the big controversy surrounding Activision Blizzard, while E3 may be canceled for good, in this week’s gaming news roundup. Game Rant has compiled some of the biggest gaming news from the past week into a concise article for fans and enthusiasts to catch up on the biggest happenings in the industry each week. Highlighting the most relevant stories, this list is not inherently and completely objective, and will not contain all of this week’s news. This is more for gaming fans who want a quick rundown of the most important/impactful stories that happened in the past week in gaming.


In this week’s gaming news, Microsoft announced plans to acquire publisher Activision Blizzard for nearly $70 billion, amid ongoing lawsuits and controversy over the publisher’s harassment. E3’s in-person event is canceled for 2022, but additional reports seem to indicate that an online-only show might not be on the cards either. During a meeting of the Italian Senate on Zoom, an unknown member shared an NSFW screen Final Fantasy 7 live content as part of a prank. Twitch streamer Pokimane could face legal action after a hate raid directed at her involves both Ninja and banned streamer Jidion. All that and more in this week’s roundup of the biggest video game news.

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Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion, Kotick remains CEO

A congresswoman sold thousands of dollars worth of Activision Blizzard stock on the day of the acquisition

Of course, the biggest news story of the past week is also one of the biggest news events of the year. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that it had made the decision to Acquires Publisher Activision Blizzard in $68.7 Billion Xbox Deal. This acquisition represents the largest expenditure ever in the gaming industry for a studio/publisher acquisition, followed only by Take-Two Interactive’s acquisition of Zynga a few weeks prior.

Reactions were mixed to say the least, as gamers and fans echoed many concerns about the current controversial state of Activision Blizzard’s leadership, as well as the possibility of IPs becoming Xbox exclusive. The main issue comes with Bobby Kotick remaining as CEO of Activision Blizzard, although reports indicate that Kotick isn’t expected to stay on past the completion of the Microsoft acquisition. That being said, it’s possible that Microsoft may be able to instill changes in Activision Blizzard’s many developers, as well as potentially revitalizing some iconic Activision Blizzard IPs that haven’t seen new entries for years. years.

Online E3 may be scrapped alongside in-person event canceled for 2022


With the increase in COVID-19 variants and continued exposure across the United States, ESA has announced the cancellation of its in-person event plans for E3 2022. This is not a huge surprise given that the organization made the same decision in 2020, although the logic is not exactly the same this year. VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb says E3’s digital broadcast for the year is “likely canceled as well,” but didn’t elaborate.

However, reports of E3’s cancellation were later followed up by journalist/analyst Mike Futter on Twitter, stating that the COVID-related cancellation was a “spin” and not representative of the actual reason for the cancellation. . According to Futter’s sources, E3 had made the decision to drop its booked show dates with the Los Angeles Convention Center months before COVID variants like Omicron made a resurgence in the United States. The ESA has not confirmed any details about an online-only E3 2022 show at this time.

Controversy over Twitch’s Pokimane, Jidion, and Ninja Hate Raid

Pokimane says she originally planned to leave Twitch this year

Pokimane was forced to end one of his streams early a few weeks ago due to a hate raid by Twitch streamer Jidion, who as of this week was permanently banned from the streaming platform. Jidion viewers were spamming things like “L+RATIO” in Pokimane’s chat during a Valorant stream, while whispering Pokimane viewers on Twitch and harassing them individually. Jidion initially only received a 14-day ban, but after doubling down on Twitter harassment with his viewers, the streamer was banned indefinitely.

However, Ninja and Jidion were interacting with Pokimane on Twitter about the incident, including the ban and the talk surrounding it. Jidion had offered Ninja 100 subscribers as Jidion viewers demanded the streamer contact a Twitch representative to try to appeal the ban. After Pokimane caught wind of their conversation, including apparent insults and continued slander, Pokimane called out the two for their behavior. As a result, Ninja and his wife Jessica Blevins both contacted Pokimane, threatening to sue after Pokimane allegedly blew things up.

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Final Fantasy 7 Explicit Content Displayed at Italian Senate Meeting

Tifa remake of Final Fantasy 7

During a Zoom meeting between members of the Italian Senate, it appears that an unknown member of the meeting started sharing sexually explicit content from Final Fantasy 7It’s Tifa Lockhart. Interrupted and stunned, members rushed to kick the unidentified staff as the content streamed for half a minute before kicking the perpetrator out of the Zoom meeting. Since then, Tifa has become the subject of wholesome and inappropriate memes referencing the incident.

Nintendo Switch is the best-selling console of 2021, Call of Duty: Vanguard Best-selling Game

nintendo switch oled model

While not entirely surprising, the NPD Group’s 2021 consumer trend statistics highlighted two milestones for gaming last year. Nintendo Switch hardware was the top-selling console in units sold in the United States and was neck and neck with the PS5 in dollar sales. Additionally, for the 13th consecutive year, as NPD’s Mat Piscatella recorded, Call of Duty: Vanguard was the best-selling game of 2021, followed by Black Ops Cold War, and others like Madden NFL 22, and pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl.

GDC survey indicates most developers aren’t interested in NFTs

game developers conference 2021 online only covid 19

As NFTs begin to gain wider acceptance among members of the gaming industry, it seems the consensus isn’t exactly positive on the inclusion of blockchain-based assets in games. In the GDC’s 2022 State of the Industry Report, a survey of several game developers indicated that approximately 70% of companies surveyed indicated that they were not interested in implementing NFT technology in games. games. Tangentially, 72% of developers are also not interested in cryptocurrency. Only 28% of developers surveyed indicated “somewhat” interest in NFT/cryptocurrency technology.

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epic games store mecha free game genre
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