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WATERTOWN – Michelle Capone says her 22 years of experience in housing development, small business and municipal projects set her apart from the other four city council candidates she is running against in November.

As the Northern Development Authority of the country, she participated in business planning, budgeting, reading and preparation of financial statements. She has also served on numerous boards of directors of non-profit organizations over the years.

“This comes from my 4-H days,” she said, explaining her involvement in the community and her candidacy for the board.

She thinks residents should have a “positive” attitude towards the city if they want people to come and live here.

“I would be a positive voice,” she said.

As a member of the planning board, Ms Capone said she would be happy when a long-awaited zoning update is completed, as many of the zoning laws currently applicable to books are outdated, she said. she declared.

She believes the city’s site plan review should be streamlined, as the process for a project can take three months.

She also calls for a one-stop-shop that could provide information such as information on where to get business loans, a list of real estate agents and how to get building permits.

“It would make it easier,” she said. “We have these alphabet soups and you don’t know where to call for these resources. “

She also believes the city should finally get state approval for its local waterfront revitalization plan that would help connect the city center to the Black River.

Ms Capone noted that Clayton has set up an LWRP and is helping this municipality receive state funding.

While she thinks the city’s new website is an improvement, she noticed that its intro page includes a video of a snow-capped Watertown and downtown with no people.

She believes the website could serve as a promotional marketing piece if it showed Watertown without snow and photos of people sitting outside at downtown restaurants or the downtown farmer’s market.

She agrees to use $ 22 million in US bailout funding to repair streets, sidewalks and other infrastructure projects.

Ms Capone, hearing of communication issues between council members, said there was a perception that there was a lack of transparency in municipal government that needed to be addressed.

She would like the city to open two swimming pools and replace the Flynn pool on the north side of the city with a paddling pool.

Profession: Director of Regional Development for the Development Authority of the North Country

Education: Indian River Central School, 1993; Jefferson Community College, 1995; SUNY Geneseo, Economics, 1997; SUNY Oswego, Masters of Small Business Administration

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