Cooking Simulator game pass deal reportedly cost Microsoft $600,000


According to a contract filing by Polish developer Big Cheese Studio, its Cooking Simulator Game Pass the deal won him the colossal sum of $600,000 from Microsoft. As the folks at TwistedVoxel discovered, the filing claims that amount represents about 22% of Big Cheese Studio’s net income and about 17% of the company’s net revenue from sales in the last fiscal year. Cooking Simulator originally released in 2019 on PC, making its way to next-gen consoles between 2020 and 2021. This month it was added to Game Pass, three years after its original release.

Analysis of the Cooking Simulator Game Pass deal in light of Microsoft’s recent allegations against Sony

While defending its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft recently claimed in a Brazilian court filing that Sony was paying to “stop” games from landing on Game Pass. If Big Cheese Studio’s claims are true (and I find it hard to see why the developer would lie in a legal filing), it makes me wonder how much it costs to release a game on Game Pass, and what kind of amount ridiculous Microsoft would need to pay for games to launch on day one of its service. This further raises the question of the accuracy of Microsoft’s claims.

For one thing, it’s pretty well known that Sony isn’t exactly bathed in money like Microsoft. On the other hand, the company is presumably shelling out a ton of money to “block” a game from going to Game Pass – apparently with money it doesn’t seem to have, according to many analysts. I understand that Sony pays for marketing deals where games don’t release on Game Pass, but I’m pretty sure that’s the course when it comes to those deals before, which Microsoft is also actively engaged in .

Forgive me for scratching my chin a little. Math doesn’t matter here.

In other news, Dead Island 2 is reportedly being re-announced next week, and improving PS5 inventory has seen the console top the US retail chart.

[Source: GPW via TwistedVoxel]


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