Diamondhead MS Holds Special Election for Ward 2 Council Seat



Diamondhead Councilor Alan Moran was not present at the council meeting on Tuesday February 15, 2022, after his arrest on Valentine’s Day for misdemeanor.

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A special election in Diamondhead is scheduled for May 10 to fill the Ward 2 council seat vacated by Alan Moran amid allegations that he sexually assaulted a teenager.

Moran, who was elected to a second term in 2017, resigned on March 23.

The deadline to qualify for the seat is April 20.

Each candidate must qualify by petition filed with the City Clerk. Each petition must include the signatures of 50 qualified supporters.

In the event of a second round, it will take place on May 23.

Although Moran officially resigned on March 23, he had stopped attending council meetings after his February 14 arrest for misdemeanor common assault and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

He has since been arrested for the felony of touching a child for lewd purposes while in a position of trust or authority over the minor. Additionally, he faces a second misdemeanor charge contributing to a minor.

alan moran new mug.jpeg
Alan Moran Hancock County Sheriff’s Department

In the criminal case, Moran is accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old working for Moran at the time at Philip’s Pest Control Co., LLC. Moran’s father, State Senator Philip Moran, owns the pest control company.

Hancock County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the matter.

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