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Monday, March 7, 2022
10:35 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Location: 210 Walters and Zoom

Description of the event:https://syracuseuniversity.zoom.us/j/92848263557?pwd=RkRKTjBJVU5lYURvVXFlZDQzT0tEdz09
Meeting ID: 928 4826 3557
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Cellulosic Nanomaterials as a Platform Material from Renewable Resources to Accelerate Materials Discovery and Design

Dr. Yunsang Kim obtained his Ph.D. in 2014 from the School of Polymer, Textile and Fiber Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology under the supervision of Dr. Joseph Perry, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry. After working with Dr. Sergiy Minko as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Georgia for cellulosic nanomaterials research, Dr. Kim currently serves as an assistant professor in the Department of Sustainable Bioproducts at Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS. As a Principal Investigator and Co-Principal Investigator at Mississippi State University and the University of Georgia, Dr. Kim has obtained research funding of over $2.4 million (32% share ) through external and internal sources as well as cooperative agreements, including the United States Department of Agriculture, United States. Forest Service, Elsevier Foundation and Cotton Incorporated. His main current research interests are in the synthesis and processing of functional soft materials from renewable resources for applications in the fields of energy, electronics and buildings.
In this research seminar, Dr. Yunsang Kim will introduce cellulosic nanomaterials (CNMs) as a platform material from renewable resources to accelerate material discovery and design. CNMs offer a unique combination of characteristics such as durability, axial stiffness, high surface area and an abundance of surface hydroxyls. For example, an inherent amphiphilic property allows CNM to act as an interface stabilizer for oil-in-water Pickering emulsions and related microcapsules. A systematic study on the synthesis and processing of CNM-based microcapsules has enabled Dr. Kim’s research group to design functional CNM microcapsules that can serve as thermal energy storage (with phase change material) and d absorbents (with a hollow structure), which also offer improved stability, biodegradability and responsiveness to stimuli.

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