Fix League of Legends error code 900 on Windows PC


You can get the error code 900 when trying to log in or while playing League of Legends game on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 gaming system. If this is the case, the suggested solutions provided in this article are intended to help affected users to fix the error.

You are likely to experience this issue on your gaming system due to one or more of the following triggers;

  • Generalized server problem.
  • LoL game client or launcher inconsistency.
  • Internet options cache corrupted.
  • Corrupt installation of League of Legends.
  • Antivirus or firewall interference.
  • Account issue.

Fix League of Legends error code 900

If the League of Legends error code 900 occurred on your Windows 11/10 gaming PC, you can try our recommended solutions given below and see if the error is fixed on your gaming system.

  1. Initial checklist
  2. Check the Riot Games server status and your internet connection
  3. Reinstall League of Legends
  4. Contact Riot Games Support

Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved regarding each of the listed solutions.

1]Initial checklist

  • Disconnect and reconnect to LoL. This issue may be caused by a minor glitch in the game store. According to most affected users, you should be able to fix this problem simply by restarting the LOL game client and logging in again with your account credentials. So if the LoL client appears with the error, press Alt+F4 on the client and click Logout and not Exit. Then open Task Manager and kill all processes from RiotClientServices.exe and LeagueofLegends.exe. Reopen the League of Legends Client app and log in again. If you still have the same issues, repeat the steps and also remove the KillerServiceNetwork.exe process, because this program might prioritize your online stream bandwidth and reduce League of Legends bandwidth, causing you disconnection issue.
  • Reset Internet Options. The LoL launcher uses Internet Explorer dependencies. Some temporary files generated by the Store component may end up creating this error code. In this case, you should be able to fix this problem by resetting the internet options and also clearing the browsing data on your gaming device.
  • Check your antivirus and firewall. The problem you are currently facing may be due to interference from Windows Firewall (not or less likely to be the culprit) or your third-party antivirus firewall or dedicated firewall. Make sure to allow the LoL client through Windows Firewall anyway and you can whitelist the app as well. For third-party security software, refer to the manual or see the software settings menu; and you may need to temporarily disable the security software.

Continue with the rest of the solutions below if the initial checklist didn’t work.

2]Check the Riot Games server status and your internet connection

Is the website active or inactive

The most reported cases of League of Legends error code 900 indicates internet connection problems. So, first of all, you can check if Riot Games is currently facing a widespread server issue or outage on the official status page. If you have successfully confirmed that you are currently facing a server issue, there is nothing you can do but wait for the issue to be resolved by the developers at Riot Games.

On the other hand, if you determine that the website is not down and it is not a server problem, it could be a regional problem. In this case, you can try using a VPN/GPN (if you are already connected via VPN, disconnect from the service) and see if that solves the connection problem. Also, to rule out general connectivity issues on your gaming PC, you can check and fix potential network and internet connection issues.

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3]Reinstall League of Legends

This is a viable solution to the problem in question, as you might be dealing with some sort of corrupted game files, possibly after a security scan quarantined some items belonging to the game (or some dependencies of the game). Game). So you can restore quarantined items (if any) and see if that helps. Otherwise, you must uninstall the LoL game; preferably use a third-party software uninstaller for a clean uninstall to remove any residual files that may remain that may interfere with a clean install. After the uninstallation is complete, you can go to the official Riot Games website, log in with your Riot ID, and download the latest version of League of Legends to reinstall on your Windows 11/10 gaming PC.

4]Contact Riot Games Support

All things being equal or if the solutions listed above didn’t work for you, you may be dealing with an account issue which, depending on your in-game behavior, may have caused you to lose it. temporarily banned from accessing certain game features. In any case, at this point you should open a support ticket at with Riot Games for further assistance.

I hope this post helps you!

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How to fix League of Legends?

To repair the LoL game, you can use the League of Legends Repair Tool to repair your game files. Here’s how:

  • Open the League of Legends launcher.
  • Click the Gear button to open the Settings menu.
  • Click it Repair button. The repair process will take approximately 30-60 minutes.

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