Great Taste licensing decision pending after hearing


A Dunedin buffet restaurant that admitted to selling alcohol without authorization made another license plea to start selling alcohol legitimately.

Great Taste, in St Andrew St, refused temporary permission to sell alcohol after a hearing in July, its permit case presented on Friday.

Restaurant manager Mia Ding read a statement on behalf of manager Lisa Deqin Wang during a district clearance hearing.

“They admit they made a big mistake,” she said.

“They learned a great lesson.

“Please give them one more chance. “

The proceedings were transmitted to Ms. Wang through an interpreter.

Police and licensing inspector Tony Mole opposed the license application, but he said

restaurant clientele did not seem to correlate strongly with excessive alcohol consumption.

He trusted Ms. Ding to run the type of establishment Great Taste was.

Sergeant Ian Paulin said this had never been a problem for the police.

Ms. Wang told the committee in July that she forgot to fill out the necessary paperwork to obtain temporary permission to sell alcohol after taking over the business last year.

Yesterday, a slightly different explanation was offered via Ms. Ding.

Ms. Wang was part of a company that was granted temporary permission to sell alcohol in 2015, but she herself was not familiar with the procedure.

For Great Taste, she didn’t realize she needed a new license and was tricked into believing it had been taken care of.

Committee members asked Ms. Ding about the breadth of her experience, the company’s hospitality responsibility policy, and the planned training of staff.

They withdrew to determine whether the current permit should be granted.


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