‘I have a camera smile now’: viral star Jackie Weaver reflects on ‘weird’ 2021


British viral sensation Jackie Weaver said her stint in the limelight “continues to look like something that won’t be here tomorrow,” as she reflects on a “weird” 2021.

The 63-year-old took the internet by storm in February when footage from Handforth Parish Council’s lively Zoom meeting showed her kicking out two troublesome council members and being told ‘you have no authority here”.

Ms Weaver said she doesn’t consider herself a celebrity but has since published a book, been a frequent guest on TV shows – including Channel’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2021 4 – and that she had interviewed her Strictly Come Dancing “hero” Anton Du Beke for her. podcast: Jackie Weaver has authority.

More than 10 months after she followed the trend on Twitter and became one of the most popular memes of the year, Ms Weaver revealed that she had failed to realize the comedic potential of the reunion at the ‘era.

Ms Weaver said she did not consider herself a celebrity after trending on Twitter when a video leak of the Handforth Parish Council Zoom meeting went viral earlier this year (PA)

“It looked like a game of chess,” Ms Weaver told the PA News Agency, explaining that she was “very aware” of the difficult figures on Handforth Parish Council.

Of the aftermath, she said: “On Thursday evening a colleague of mine texted me, ‘You are the third trend in the country!’ and I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about.

“Believe me: in my whole life I’ve never done anything interesting – so the idea of ​​the world caring a little (was) weird… it just keeps on looking like something that won’t be there tomorrow.”

Ms Weaver balanced her appearances as an internet star with the day job that earned her a spot at the infamous Zoom meeting, director of the Cheshire Association of Local Councils.

“If I give up work, what’s the rest of it for?” “You would be famous! “(They say), but that’s not an end in itself – if you’re famous you want to make something of it,” she said.

“I think the most superficial thing in the world would be to meet people and say, ‘Hi, I’m Jackie Weaver. That’s what I do.

And despite her commitment to a double life, Ms. Weaver has acclimated to life in the limelight – learning from the year she spent with presenters and comedians.

“I’m starting to understand the celebrity world a little better… some of them are incredibly sweet. Richard (Madeley), Jimmy Carr was lovely, he treated me really well, ”she said.

“I actually have a camera smile now. Relax your face, then return to it – don’t try to hold it back. “

She confessed that there had been one occasion when she considered herself a star – and why that ruled out a future for Ms Weaver in BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing.

“The only one I was really happy to see was Anton (Du Beke) because I followed him on Strictly,” she said.

“He did my podcast with me and I remember saying to him, ‘I promise you now, I won’t say yes to Strictly because I really want you to win, and I can guarantee that you would be the one to win. will associate with me! ‘ “

But the viral star is reportedly considering a stint on I’m A Celebrity’s Gwrych Castle as long as no frogs are involved, as she has an “absolute phobia” of amphibians.

Her busy year even included a book deal, as the now-published author revealed the inspiration behind You Do Have the Authority Here !, published in October.

“I guess I am describing it as the kind of thing you wish your mother would have told you – and if she was telling you, you would have liked to have listened,” she said.

Jackie weaver
Ms Weaver admitted she was star-struck when she met her strict ‘hero’ Anton Du Beke (PA)

Heading into 2022, Weaver called her work with the Federation of Small Businesses “really interesting.”

“I want to help build these relationships (and) you can say with parish councils and small businesses in their area that it’s definitely worth doing,” she said.

“My agenda is filling up next year, so book early to avoid disappointment.”

And besides her interest in “common sense” and local politics, Ms. Weaver takes time for her hobbies.

“I am passionate about my nails, I try to do them every week. I like doing things with paper, I like making cards and scrapbooks, I knit and neck too, ”she said.

Ms. Weaver posts pictures of her decorated nails to more than 34,000 followers on Twitter.

“Every now and then someone on Twitter will say something like, ‘Why the hell would anyone care about you? and I always say, “Because I’m fabulous,” she added.

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