Kohli’s chat with Babar, Dhoni’s chats with Pak players and Ishan Kishan’s question for Rohit


Right after Pakistan scored the winning points in their first World T20 match against India, the two captains Virat Kohli and Babar Azam struck up a friendly conversation. A little later, Pakistani players were seen picking the brains of Indian team mentor MS Dhoni. Despite the noise outside, the T20 World Cup meeting between India and Pakistan went off in a great state of mind. However, later in the post-match press conference, a few questions from Pakistani journalists surprised the Indian captain.

First interaction:

Journalist: Regarding the selection of the team, Ishan Kishan played very well in the preparation matches. Do you think he could have done better than Rohit Sharma?

Kohli: It is a very courageous question. What do you think, sir?

Journalist: I’m asking you, sir.

Kohli: Will you drop Rohit Sharma from the T20 internationals? Will you drop Rohit Sharma? Do you know what he did in the last game we played? Yes? Unbelievable. If you want controversy, please tell me first so that I can respond accordingly.

The captain of India held his head in his hand, struggling to contain his amusement.

Second interaction:

Journalist: Was India a little too confident against Pakistan because, obviously, India won the events of the ICC. Was it as if India didn’t focus on the Pakistan game and instead focused on the other games?

Kohli: You know, it’s amazing what the realities and the ideas people have on the outside are. I just wish they could put on our cricket kit and actually get on the pitch and understand what pressure is. We don’t go there to take anything lightly, especially a team like Pakistan who, in their day, can beat anyone in the world. It’s a game to be respected, and we’re a team that definitely respects the game, and we don’t think winning a game is the end of the world, and no other team should think that. It’s a really big game. Cricket is above and beyond anyone, any individual, and we definitely respect the game. We never take any opposition lightly, nor do we make a distinction. between oppositions. This is how we play cricket.

The great loss of India had triggered extreme reactions. After beating Pakistan 12 times in different World Cups, India had finally tasted defeat. Kohli had no qualms about admitting the supremacy of opponents overnight. The pitch played a role, as the evening dew made it difficult for the Indian bowlers in the second half. Kohli did not use this as an excuse.

“We couldn’t even get point balls because the field obviously offered a high rhythm for the batter to work with. The slower balls didn’t hold as much, ”said the Indian skipper.

One bright spot for India is a seven-day gap before playing their next game on Oct. 31 against New Zealand. “I think it works very well for us in every way. Knowing that we have already played a full season, we played the IPL, which in itself is very high in test conditions here in the United Arab Emirates, and then we entered the World Cup. So for us these big breaks are definitely something that is going to help us as a team be in the best physical condition we need to play this high intensity tournament, ”Kohli said.

Regarding the team that got down on their knees before the game, he said: “This has been communicated to us by management. The Pakistani team agreed to pay tribute to the same cause, and then we accepted our side of things as well. Yes, that’s how it was decided.

India are good at bouncing back from bad losses, such as the 36 in Adelaide last year or the innings loss to Leeds earlier this year. As former Pakistani captain Asif Iqbal told this newspaper ahead of the India-Pakistan match here, he would still support Kohli’s troops to win the T20 World Cup, even if they lost to Pakistan in their match. opening of the tournament.


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