Microsoft announces general availability of Azure Purview


Recently, Microsoft announced the general availability (GA) of Azure Purview, its cloud data governance solution. It provides customers with a unified data governance solution for on-premises, cloud, and application-based systems. The GA version follows its public preview almost a year ago.

Azure Purview offers customers both management and cataloging of data associated with governance, revealing whether corporate data is secure and compliant. It consists of three main elements:

  • Data Catalog – a data search tool with filters based on objectives such as glossary terms, classifications, sensitivity labels, etc.
  • Data card – a feature that captures metadata about corporate data present in on-premise and cloud analytics and operating systems.
  • Data governance – a component that provides users with a bird’s-eye view of an organization’s data landscape, enabling data managers to effectively manage data usage. This view provides critical insights such as the distribution of data between environments, how data moves, and where sensitive data is stored.

The service integrates with many Microsoft products and services, both in the cloud and on-premises, such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure SQL, and SQL Server. In addition, it can also connect non-Microsoft products and services, such as Amazon Web Services S3 storage service, Snowflake, and Oracle Database. With the GA version, the service now supports more than 20 types of sources.


During the recent pandemic, more and more companies have embraced digital transformation and more data resides in the cloud and on-premises in different sources. Therefore, data governance becomes more difficult. For example, Rohan kumar, corporate vice president, Azure Data at Microsoft, said in an Azure blog post:

The need for a comprehensive data governance and management service has never been greater. That’s why we created Azure Purview, a unified data governance solution that helps organizations fully understand their data, whether it’s hosted on-premises in services like SQL Server and Oracle, in different clouds like Amazon Web Services. (AWS) S3, or in SaaS apps like Salesforce.

Besides, Holger Mueller, senior analyst and vice president of Constellation Research Inc., told InfoQ:

Security and governance remain the main concerns for companies wishing to migrate to the cloud. So it’s good to see a big cloud player focusing on governance, which Microsoft has done with Purview. The exciting development will be how fast customer adoption is and whether Microsoft can attract some companies to the idea on the first try.

Currently Azure Purview is available in several Azure regions such as Eastern US, Western and Northern Europe, Eastern Australia, and Southeast Asia, with other regions at to come. The price of the service is available on the price page and advice through MS learning modules and Documentation.


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