Microsoft: Introducing the collection designed for Xbox Spring 2022


At Xbox, we’re always looking for new ways to surprise and delight our players. From new product categories to finding new ways to play your favorite games, we strive to provide choice to our players.

the Designed for Xbox The team worked closely with our partners at PowerA, OtterBox and 8BitDo to create a unique selection of pastel products that embody the playfulness and whimsy that spring brings. Sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in your favorite game with these soft, soothing pastel accessories with next-gen gaming features perfect for Xbox or PC gaming.

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controllers for Xbox Series X|S

Reach new heights with the PowerA Enhanced Wired Controllers for Xbox Series X|S. These beautifully designed controllers bring a soft pastel touch to your gaming setup. Brilliantly designed, they feature two fully mappable advanced gaming buttons on the back that allow you to program your essential in-game actions at any time, even in the middle of the game. gaming. The ergonomic design, intuitive button layout, and silky-smooth anti-friction rings around each controller let you play comfortably during those long gaming sessions. You’ll feel your favorite games come to life with the hyper-realistic dual-vibration motors in each handle. Whether it’s heart-pounding vibrations or a subtle tremor, you’ll feel like you’ve entered an entirely new world every time you play. Plug your favorite wired headphones into the 3.5mm stereo headphone jack and enjoy an easily accessible volume dial with a mic mute key to control audio from your wired headphones without having to take your hands off the controller . No next-gen controller is complete without the intuitive Xbox share button to capture and share your most epic screenshots and clips. A detachable, high-quality 10-foot cable gives you the freedom to play from your favorite spot in the room, then roll it up with an attached hook-and-loop strap until the next time you play.

The PowerA Enhanced Wired Controllers for Xbox Series X|S are compatible with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows PCs and are available in five new playful pastel colors:

  • Lavender Swirl – Hypnotic, swirling, psychedelic goodness.
  • Blue Cotton Candy – sweet sensation inspired by the sweetness of childhood.
  • pink lemonade – Icy and refreshing design to brighten up any gaming session.
  • Purple camo – pastel purple meets rough camouflage.
  • Pastel Dream – Soothing fades that transform even the most stressful session into a sweet symphony of gaming prowess.

the PowerA Enhanced Wired Controllers for Xbox Series X|S in their new pastel colors are available for pre-order today in the US and CA for $37.99 from Microsoft Store and other retailers.

To visit or your local dealers for more information.

OtterBox Easy Grip Controller Case for Xbox Series X|S Controllers

When you can play your favorite games anywhere and anytime, stay confident keeping your Xbox Series X|S controller protected from drops and scrapes with the OtterBox Easy Grip Controller Case. In an all new Lilac Dream color, with two sets of purple and pink interchangeable grips and a transparent glitter cover, this is sure to add some sparkle to your favorite Xbox Series X|S controller. This one-of-a-kind, highly durable hard shell provides the protection you trust and expect from OtterBox while ensuring your controller feels and plays like a pro-level Xbox controller. Soft pads are easily interchangeable for a fresh look or better grip and keep your hands comfortable with easy-to-wash sweat-wicking material. The Easy Grip Controller Shell is the worry-free solution that makes your game comfortable and cool.

the OtterBox Easy Grip Controller Case in Lilac Dream is available for purchase today for $39.99 from Microsoft Store in the USA/Canada and other select retailers worldwide.

To visit or your local dealer for more information.

8BitDo Ultimate Wired Controller for Xbox

the 8BitDo Ultimate Wired Controller for Xbox has been designed in a playful pastel pink to add some color to your gaming setup. This controller gives you more ways to play with two pro-level programmable rear buttons so you have easy access to your most valuable actions during gameplay. 8BitDo Ultimate software (available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10, Android, and iOS) lets you customize button mapping, adjust stick and shutter sensitivity, vibration, and more . Create custom profiles to represent your unique playstyles and switch on the fly with the custom profile button. Connect your favorite wired headset directly to the 3.5mm audio jack and mute your mic right on the controller with the flick of a switch. The 8BitDo Ultimate wired controller is compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows PC.

the 8BitDo Ultimate Wired Controller for Xbox in Pastel Pink is available for pre-order today for $44.99 at Microsoft Store and other retailers in select markets around the world.

To verify or your local retailers for more information.

Choose your favorite accessory or collect the entire collection to create a one-of-a-kind play setup perfect for spring. With the Designed for Xbox Spring Collection, gaming is more playful in pastel.


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