Microsoft Psychonauts 2 is now available on Apple Mac


Double Fine Productions has released ports of Psychonauts 2 for Mac and Linux.

The critically acclaimed platforming adventure was released for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, and PlayStation 4 in August last year.

Existing owners of the game on Humble and Steam should be able to download the game on Mac and Linux under existing ownership (Xbox Game Pass is not supported on these platforms).

The game is now also available on the Mac App Store and will soon be available on GOG.

Two decades ago, it was perfectly normal to expect many Windows PC titles to come out on the Mac (indeed, the original Psychonauts were available on the Mac).

But now, it’s rare to see games ported to Apple’s platform, especially proprietary Microosft titles.

The last major Microsoft game to be released on the Mac was Minecraft…before it was acquired.

It’s unclear if the port was a Microsoft or Double Fine-led initiative (although I suspect it was the latter).

“Playing Psychonauts 2 is like opening a series of gifts. There are hints of old platforming basics like ice and lava, but most of the levels are delightful originals that put a slight twist to the fundamentals of jumping and blasting,” Edwin wrote in Eurogamer. review.


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