Microsoft speeds up Xbox Series X|S boot time


Microsoft has been working hard behind the scenes to try and improve the gaming experience on Xbox systems, and now they’ve managed to reduce the startup time of Xbox Series S and X by 5 seconds.

One obvious way to improve the console experience is, of course, to make better (and cheaper) games. But something that’s often overlooked (especially by Sony), but just as important, is the experience outside of games. This includes load times, which the current console generation already excels at, with PlayStation 5 and Xbox series consoles start games almost instantly.

But Microsoft always trying to push the limits of what is fast enough. Industry Insider Tom Warren has shared a comparison of the difference the new update has made in boot times.

This was confirmed when Xbox head Josh Munsee spoke to The edgewhere he says:

[the company created] a shorter boot animation (~4s) from the original boot animation (~9s), helping to reduce overall boot time.

Who does this help?

All Xbox series X|S users will instantly notice the difference. It will be especially useful for people who keep their consoles in power saving mode instead of sleep mode.

The difference between the two modes is that one completely turns off the console, and the other, as the name suggests, only puts it into sleep mode. It is recommended that you turn off your console completely because not only does this save power, but in the event of a power surge, your console is more likely to survive. And this change makes it easier to shut down your console completely.

Microsoft understands how this could end up saving power and recently made Energy Saver mode the default option on all Xbox consoles, alongside the background download option. Hopefully Sony sees this and continues to improve the PlayStation 5 user experience as it already lacks the Quick Resume feature, but it is otherwise quite fast.


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