New Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits for August 2022 include free Multiverse content


Microsoft announces new benefits Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can expect in August 2022, including free MultiVersus content.

Xbox owners have plenty of reasons to sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate really is a no-brainer for anyone who plays Xbox regularly, as it includes access to the entire Game Pass library in addition to EA Play titles and all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold. There are even more benefits for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to enjoy, with new bonuses added every month.

Microsoft has highlighted some of the new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits that subscribers can enjoy in the second half of August 2022. Starting August 17, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can claim the Tense Commando Rifle Pass Bundle for Infinite Halo, which includes the Commando Pass Tense VK78 rifle, four 2XP boosts, and four Challenge Swaps. Then, on August 23, Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will have even more freebies to claim, including content for the popular crossover fighting game. MultiVersus.


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Starting August 23, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can grab the MVP Pack for MultiVersus, which includes the Battle Reindog variant, the Waterfall banner, and the Dark Matter Ringout effect. Most cosmetic content like this in MultiVersus requires players to pay real money or unlock through the Battle Pass, so it’s definitely a nice perk for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers who enjoy the game.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Benefits for August 2022

  • Halo Infinite – Pass Tense VK78 Commando Rifle (August 17)
  • CrossfireX – Top Secret Bundle (August 23)
  • MultiVersus – Reindog Battle Variant, Cascade Banner, Dark Matter Ringout Effect (August 23)

The other Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perk for August 23 just CrossfireX. CrossfireX, for the uninitiated, is a first-person shooter that launched earlier this year with a premium campaign and free-to-play multiplayer. The new content coming August 23 is the Top Secret Pack, which gives players a new weapon skin and 1,2000 CFP to spend.

Free content for CrossfireX and Infinite Halo will likely be enjoyed by Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, but it’s fair to say most of the attention will be on the MultiVersus gifts. Whereas CrossfireX and Infinite Halo certainly have their fans, MultiVersus is particularly hot right now, with over 10 million people viewing the open beta alone. Starting August 23, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers who haven’t tried the game yet have more reason to see what it’s all about.

August 23 will be a great day for MultiVersus in general. Along with the new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perks, August 23 will also see the debut of Morty Smith from rick and morty fame for MultiVersus‘ growing list.

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