NordVPN vs. IPVanish – Forbes Advisor


When it comes to price, NordVPN is significantly more affordable. NordVPN charges $4.92 per month for the annual plan ($59 one-time fee) for the first year. This price jumps to $143.40 after those 12 months are over. IPVanish costs $3.75 per month for the first year (billed at $44.99), then $89.99 every 12 months thereafter.

For a better deal, you may consider a two-year contract. NordVPN charges a one-time payment of $79 (then $286.80 every two years thereafter). IPVanish occasionally offers such offers, but at this time we cannot confirm that they offer terms longer than one year at a time.

Both companies offer a monthly payment option. NordVPN charges $11.95 per month, while IPVanish charges $10.99 per month. While NordVPN extends its money back guarantee policy to all plans, IPVanish only extends its money back policy to people who purchase the annual plan.

IPVanish has a relatively higher number of server locations: 75 versus 60 server locations with NordVPN. However, when it comes to actual servers, NordVPN has a much higher number, at over 5,000, up from 1,600. Server locations are available online for both companies, so you can compare them based on location. location you plan to connect to.

While NordVPN offers a dedicated IP address for an additional cost, IPVanish does not offer this service. However, the company allows customers to connect an unlimited number of devices to their VPN, while NordVPN allows a maximum of six devices.


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