PipeWire 0.3.44 released with latency improvements, minimal PW server support


Hopefully, this will be the year PipeWire becomes commonplace on the Linux desktop in all major distributions for managing audio/video streams. But for as good as PipeWire already is, frequent point releases continue to evolve functionality and iron out compatibility improvements for the existing JACK and PulseAudio integration. PipeWire 0.3.44 was released today as another step in the right direction.

PipeWire 0.3.44 is another notable point release of this audio/video streaming server developed by Red Hat in cooperation with other organizations. PipeWire keeps getting better and with v0.3.44 there are improvements such as:

– Support for running a minimal PipeWire server without a session manager like WirePlumber. The minimal PipeWire server is sufficient to run JACK clients.

– Maximum buffer size is now configurable and can exceed the previously hard-coded limit of 8192 samples.

– The default maximum latency has been lowered from 170 to 42 ms.

– Continued work on improving JACK compatibility.

– Bluetooth crash fixes.

– An X11-bell module is introduced to handle X11 bell events.

– PW-V4L2 now works for FFmpeg ffplay.

– The pipewire-pulse.conf configuration file now supports quirks/properties per application.

More details on PipeWire version 0.3.44 via FreeDesktop.org GitLab.


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