Sanwo-Olu unveils new name, Lagos State Lotteries logo, same authority


The Governor said, “This unveiling ceremony marks a new dawn in the history of lottery and gaming regulation at the Center of Excellence. The agency was rebranded to set and enforce gambling standards in a responsible and fair manner. The aim is to gain and maintain the trust of all operators and stakeholders in the lottery and gaming industry.

“Our administration has done what was necessary by working closely with the House of Assembly to initiate and pass the Lagos State Lottery and Gaming Authority Bill of 2021, which I promulgated last April. . The new law will help institutionalize major reforms in Lagos’ gaming sector and expand the scope of operations of our lotteries and gaming authorities in line with gaming dynamics across the world.

Sanwo-Olu said the agency has maintained its revenue generation momentum since its inception in 2004 under the administration of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, urging management to maintain the zeal and align the vision of the new brand with the fundamental values ​​of the THEMES of its administration. Agenda.

The governor allayed the concerns of gaming operators and industry investors over intergovernmental feuds over the constitutional responsibilities of federal and state governments for the oversight and regulation of the gaming space.

He said the Constitution remained clear about the competing powers of federal and state governments over lottery and gambling issues, assuring operators that their businesses would not be double taxed.

Sanwo-Olu advised illegal lottery and gambling operators to obtain operating licenses from the agency, warning that the government would not hesitate to prosecute any unlicensed operator.

“With this newly renamed agency, all functional elements of the lottery and gaming industry will be unlocked to create a new model of gaming in Lagos State.

“I charge management with forging a transparent and formidable alliance with licensed gaming operators in the state, with a view to creating a vibrant gaming industry for a more prosperous and sustainable economy,” he said.

The Director General (CEO) of the State Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Mr. Bashir Are, said the agency, under his leadership, has made significant achievements in regulating, protecting and promoting best practices in the gaming space.

Are said that the agency, based on its compliance with international gaming standards, has received ISO certification in Information Security Management System (ISO 27001) and Quality Management System (ISO 9001) in addition to becoming a full member of the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) and the International Gaming Standard Association (IGSA).

“There are over 56,000 full-time staff and gaming agents operating in Lagos. We have deployed an automated system to monitor gambling transactions in our jurisdiction. We have also launched an agent registration platform to weed out scammers from licensed agents.

“For us, the future has begun and we are excited about the development underway in the gaming industry. Our next goal is to focus on creating greater efficiency and sustainable economic value for the game industry. ‘State, operators, actors and relevant stakeholders of the sector,’ said the CEO.

He said the agency’s advocacy against underage and addictive gambling would, in the coming days, be amplified by a strengthened policy and sustained campaign.

The Governor’s Senior Special Assistant for State Lotteries, Ms Funmi Olotu, pointed out that the successful harmonization of all state gaming regulations has not only corrected disparities in the sector, but has also established a uniform framework that would be easily implemented.

The Lotteries and State Gaming Authority Act 2021, said Olotu, also addressed contemporary challenges and issues that may arise from time to time.

The highlight was the unveiling of the agency’s new logo and operational guidelines by the Governor with the support of representatives of licensed gaming operators.


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Sanwo-Olu unveils new name, Lagos State Lotteries logo, same authority

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