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A strange bug prevented a woman from calling 911 on her Pixel smartphone when she thought her grandmother was having a stroke.

She said El Reg that on November 26, after dialing the number using her phone, she waited five minutes to realize that her call was not going through. Luckily, there was a landline handy and she managed to reach the emergency services and get her grandmother to the hospital.

A day later, she filed an issue with Google Support Online. When she heard nothing for a few days, she decided to post on Reddit in the hopes of getting Google’s attention.

“Hope someone from Google can let me know you fix this, because let’s face it, as someone with no landline, I really don’t want a phone that panics when I try to call it. 911 in the middle of a life-threatening emergency, ”she said. wrote.

“I’m supposed to be confident that a phone will do the main thing it’s designed for, make the call, and let me talk to the human on the other end.”

In less than four hours, when her post was voted thousands of times on the r / GooglePixel subreddit, someone from the company contacted her privately. She was asked to submit a bug report and upload a video showing that the bug could be reproduced on her Pixel 3 handset.

In the clip watched by The register, she demonstrated that her phone had no problem calling her contacts. But when she dialed 911, her phone made no sound to indicate it was ringing and she had difficulty ending the call. When she looked at the list of numbers she had dialed, 911 was not there.

Google has confirmed that there is, indeed, a software issue that affects devices running Android 10 and above reaching 911. It appears to only affect emergency calls; the other phone numbers are fine. The problem appears to be with the Microsoft Teams app, according to a response job on Reddit from an official Google Account.

“Based on our investigation, we were able to reproduce the issue under a limited set of circumstances. We believe the issue is only present on a small number of devices that have the Microsoft Teams app installed when the user is not signed in, and currently we only know of one related user report. when this bug appears, ”the comment reads.

“We determined that the issue was caused by an unintentional interaction between the Microsoft Teams app and the underlying Android operating system. Because this issue impacts emergency calls, Google and Microsoft are prioritizing the issue, and we expect an update for the Microsoft Teams app to be rolling out soon. version. We will also be delivering an Android platform update to the Android ecosystem on January 4th. “

Google advises users of Android smartphones running Android 10 and later to simply uninstall the Microsoft Teams app, reinstall it, and wait for a fix. stay signed in until you receive the update for the Microsoft Teams app. “

Reddit user affected by the mysterious bug said The register she thought it was strange that the Microsoft Teams app could impact emergency calls. From his message, another internet user sent him a message telling him that they had also encountered the same problem and that they could not reach the emergency services to report a fire and after a car accident.

Google and Microsoft are currently working to correct the bug.

“We are aware of Google’s plans to roll out an update to the Android platform in January,” a Microsoft spokesperson told us.

“We are working on an update to our own app to avoid triggering the underlying Android operating system issue. We are working closely with Google to resolve this unintended interaction.” ®


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