Spider-Man’s Cute Robot Pals Show How Marvel Should Use Its Comics App


The Spider-Bot Infinity Comic series centered around Spider-Man’s robot friends is the type of original content Marvel Unlimited should be producing.

One of Spider Manit’s a lot of high tech spider robots became a multiversal hero in a series that shows how Marvel can best use its Infinity Comics format. As part of the Marvel Unlimited app-exclusive Infinity Comics lineup, the Spider-Bots have been given their own series, and the unique format leaves charm and humor in this series designed to be fun and kid-friendly. In his latest mission, a Spider-Bot teams up with the Inhuman’s loyal dog, Lockjaw.

The Spider-Bots have engaged in a wide range of antics since getting their own solo series, from retrieving a sandwich for Peter Parker to taking out a Spider-Bot symbiote. Written by Jordan Blum with art by Alberto Alburquerque, Spider Robot #7 sees the bots helping Miles Morales, one of the three current Spider-Men in the main Marvel Universe, with a school project. When Ms. Marvel shows up to ask Miles for help, she leaves behind Lockjaw, the Inhuman’s royal dog. The Spider-Bots are tasked with guarding Lockjaw, and things quickly turn south. With a webbed bot at his collar, Lockjaw sprints through the multiverse, stopping quickly in strange places including Spider-Ham’s home, Larval Earth, the Marvel Zombies universe, and the 1960s. Spider Man cartoon, interrupting the iconic “Spider-Men pointing at each other” meme, before joining the battle with Miles and Ms. Marvel, just in time to make a heroic save.


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While Spider-Bot isn’t likely to set off multiverse-shattering events, the series embodies exactly what the Infinity Series offers for Marvel Comics. Spider-Bot is a series that most likely would not survive as a print comic. There isn’t exactly a huge market for 10-page stories about obscure Spider-Man gadgets, but making them an app-exclusive gives Marvel a place to tell stories that are less marketable but still have potential. On top of that, reading comics on a phone can be clunky and awkward, but Infinity Comics avoids that by being in a continuous scroll format, helping readers new to digital reading get started easily.

Even with the low-risk format and app exclusivity, the series is written with charm. Spider-Man is known as much for his jokes and humor as he is for his powers, and the Spider-Bots capture that same energy. In the bot’s Multiverse tour with Lockjaw, he makes a lot of fourth-wall jokes and nods to other properties outside of the main Marvel canon. The robots bring all of Spidey’s energy to the moving platform, packed into a group of puppy-sized spider robots.

While Spider-Bot He’s unlikely to get his own print series one day, he epitomizes Marvel’s success with his Unlimited app. The digital comic book backlog will always be the Marvel Unlimited app’s biggest selling point, but giving new authors the freedom to explore niche ideas without the pressure of physical sales can’t be understated. Although the Unlimited app is far from perfect, the pleasure of seeing Spider Manis a lovely pet spider robots rush through the multiverse into their own infinity comic worth the download.

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