TODAY’s business environment is highly competitive and the need to gain a greater market share of customers and customers cannot be overemphasized.

For this reason, most businesses need an edge that helps them not only keep up, but also excel at what they do.

For this, efficiency is the lubricant that helps the business run optimally, with workers able to create, collaborate and communicate seamlessly and effectively.

Helping them in this effort are productivity suites that basically work like a Swiss army knife – offering a collection of software that aims to increase the productivity of its users.

The concept took off in the early 1980s with the emergence of Starburst, which combined a word processor (WordStar), spreadsheet editor (CalcStar) and database manager (DataStar).

Eventually, as computers progressed with the operating system that ran them, new players joined the race.

In the 1990s, the scene became dominated by Microsoft Office, which also included word processor (Word), spreadsheet editor (Excel), database manager (Access) and presentation software (PowerPoint) .

Although there are several productivity suites available today – such as OpenOffice, Google Docs and Apple’s iWork – Microsoft still holds the honor of being the most used suite since the 1990s.

winning combination

Microsoft has since added more applications to its initial offering of just MS Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

Today, it has over 40 apps – Word, Exchange, Excel, SharePoint, Teams and more – in its productivity suite called Microsoft 365 (M365), which seamlessly integrate and complement each other.

These tools operate as software as a service (SaaS), allowing users to access their work and data anytime of the day, from virtually anywhere as long as they are online.

It combines all the efficiency and versatility of the Microsoft Office suite and complements it with productivity tools and artificial intelligence features that will prove invaluable to users in and out of the office.

These include features like a hosted Exchange Server, Skype for Business Server, and SharePoint, among all of its 40+ apps.

Business users can streamline management operations, monitor the suite environment for critical behaviors and irregularities, as well as generate various types of reports that will be crucial in decision-making.

M365 also represents a future where operations are continually evolving to become decentralized, with many organizations realizing that cloud services help them stay agile and competitive on their playing field.

This is even more true when the Covid-19 pandemic began to spread globally, crippling economies and affecting large swathes of industries across the world.

The most basic M365 suite is designed for home users, for personal use or for the whole family.

Companies would have access to a suite specifically designed for small or medium-sized businesses and a suite intended for large companies and enterprises.

There’s also one with apps that will help educators, such as universities, schools, teachers, and even students.

Improved services

Working in tandem with M365, Celcom Business InSuite Manage Services, which secures M365 availability and performance with additional proactive monitoring and issue management.

These additional productivity tools can streamline and simplify your daily business needs and processes, from creating new Teams channels to providing a shared Exchange mailbox or assigning users to a SharePoint site.

It’s quite easy for managers and admins to set it up and get it working, without the need to engage or hire specialists.

InSuite Manage services provide training for employees to use productivity tools and also empower them to make quick decisions

The result is a reliable and agile M365 environment that enables employees and teams to collaborate effectively and improve productivity.

And ultimately, these collaborations can be measured through reporting and measured analytics.

It is customized to meet different business needs and is available on all devices.

InSuite Manage Service adds value to productivity apps and streamlines employee attendance, annual leave, and expense claims.

Together, these tools allow the HR department to easily generate paperless reports for management visibility.

InSuite also proactively monitors enterprise business data for security, reducing the need for emergency troubleshooting.

It also provides valuable business data, detecting and mitigating potential risks and issues before they impact the entire organization.

inSuite helps deter costly outages and ransomware attacks by resolving issues before they spiral out of control and become too expensive to fix.

Suite offer

As a business owner, supplementing your M365 subscriptions with Celcom Business inSuite’s smart processes will free you from the repetitive task of having to monitor the overall configuration yourself, as experienced Celcom Business IT engineers will oversee your M365 platform. , ensuring your apps and storage are accessible and secure.

Most importantly, it facilitates what could be a tedious, expensive, but necessary exercise in digitally transforming your business, leaving you with the clarity you need to focus on building and scaling your business and generating more revenue.

Take the digital transformation of your business seriously. Sign up for Celcom Business InSuite Lite subscription and enjoy three months free, terms and conditions apply. This promotion ends in June.

Call Celcom on 019-601 1111, visit or just scan the QR code below to learn more.


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