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If your online business is booming and shared hosting has grown too big, taking the next step to Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting service for Singapore could be your key to growing hassle-free. because it provides more resources at an affordable price.

Unlike shared website hosting, a VPS server has its own resources and a lot more processing power, so it is possible to get a lot more visitors than is possible on a shared hosting server. In addition, VPS servers are available at very low cost. In short, VPS hosting is much more flexible than shared hosting for convenient growth.

Here are the top five VPS hosting providers in the Singapore market that provide excellent yet affordable VPS hosting service ideal for growing business owners.

Every hosting company in our review is at the forefront of performance, flexibility, and scales of control (i.e. you get full root access and full control).

(In alphabetical order)

1. Stack of diapers Wide range of Cloud-bProposed services

A well-known provider of cloud computing services, LayerStack offers a wide range of cloud-based services for your business needs. Not only do they provide unlimited traffic, but also DDoS protection and load balancing products suitable for those looking to grow their business.

They also use the latest hardware, such as PCle Gen4 NVMe SSD and 3rd Generation AMD EPYCTM processor, to ensure peak performance. In addition, all the hosting packages offered by the company also come with several advantages.

LayerStack offers cloud server-managed services suitable for businesses of all sizes. Its strong network proposition in Asia means the advantage of predictable performance and high availability in the region. It also supports free cloud firewall and CN2 GIA (or premium route) to / from China.

2. OVH Cloud High performance infrastructure

OVH Cloud offers high-performance and efficient VPS solutions designed to be scalable and easily controllable via a user-friendly interface. They offer affordable and reliable solutions for web hosting and developers starting at $ 5.52 / month, with a 12 month commitment (excluding GST).

The best part of OVH Cloud is that it comes with industry-leading anti-DDoS protection with all of their VPS plans and dedicated servers.

OVH VPS hosting also comes with KVM, root access, API, 1 IPv4 address, / 128 IPv6 address, 24/7 monitoring and intervention, 99.9% SLA, one-click memory and upgrade storage resources.

3. Router Hosting Custom package you need

RouterHosting (now Cloudzy]) is a leading online VPS hosting account provider. With its super-fast internet connections, it benefits e-commerce without any interruptions and is regarded as an easy-going VPS provider with advanced features, such as 99.95% guaranteed uptime, equipped with the NvMe SSD and ‘a free window at the user’s choice.

Not only do they offer dedicated 1 Gbps bandwidth, but they also have several plans available for a 7 day money back guarantee. Users can settle their payments with credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies.

4. Vultr High quality Cloud and VPS hosting services

Vultr provides Virtual Private Servers on high performance SSDs and Intel Skylake processors in nine countries. It has a 100% guaranteed SLA and supports API access.

Vultr differentiates itself from other vendors in two main ways that make the host a great choice for your projects: It offers 100% solid-state drives (SSD) using the latest generation Intel processors on a rich control panel. functionality and with an interface that operates on a public IPv6 network.

5. VPS server Affordable and flexible hosting plans

If you are new to VPS hosting services or looking for affordable hosting packages then VPS Server might be what you need. You can choose from several of their standard plans (starting at $ 2.99 / month) for your favorite hosting resources.

They have several packages available for a 7 day free trial period and provide a wide range and expertise in customer service including email, phone call and online chat.

In addition, there are several advantages such as access to a secure and private global network, DDoS protection, simple and easy to use interface operations and allow users to host multiple websites on the same server.


VPS is a virtual imitation of a dedicated server environment. Since Virtual Dedicated Servers can have their own copy of the operating system, VPS provides the user with superuser privileges in the operating system. VPS allows users to install any type of software that can run on this operating system.

We hope that our guide to the 5 best Singapore Windows VPS to get in 2022 can help you find the best VPS hosting for your website’s private server and security needs. Please feel free to share it with your family and friends if you find this article useful.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of Windows VPS providers in Singapore or their features and product offerings. Also note that the service providers listed above have been arranged in alphabetical order and do not represent any ranking as such.

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