The Xbox app will tell you how a game will run on your PC


adds a useful feature to the Xbox PC app that should save you some time if it turns out your setup won’t be able to run a particular game. The company the game performance indicator in December and it is rolling out the tool now.

“The app compares PC game performance with specs similar to yours to show how well we expect the game to perform,” wrote Tila Nguyen, senior product manager for Xbox Experiences. . “If your PC isn’t up to running a graphically demanding game, you can check out the system requirements for more details on what you need to run the game.”

You may not see a performance check for every game, as Microsoft may not have enough information about other gamers’ PCs to make a recommendation. This is especially the case for newer titles with a smaller install base.

A screenshot of the Xbox PC app game performance label. It shows Sea of ​​Thieves game page with text reading

This is a handy tool that should save you wasted effort, although you might be disappointed to find out that a game you were excited for won’t work on your system. This could be especially welcome for those with a data cap. This feature should help them avoid wasting valuable data by encouraging them to refrain from downloading a game they can’t actually play.

It can also save players from having to resort to third-party system configuration checkers, such as Everything they need to know should be in the Xbox app.

Additionally, the blog post notes that Microsoft recently improved navigation in the app. The navigation is now entirely in the sidebar and you can see the progress of the game installation via a queue at the bottom left of the window. You will also receive a notification when a game has finished installing. It is said that research is also better. He now understands and titles in the results.


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