Twelve years ago, remembering Melody Ross


Just days ago, the Washington Middle School neighborhood experienced yet another shooting – a homicide – over a block north of campus (CD 1 / Zendejas, coverage here. What message does it send to students and parents when they see the elected school? Keeping them safe? Campuses and gang-affected neighborhoods receive police, overhead helicopters, crime scene tapes and blocked streets, while students in LB’s wealthier neighborhoods surrender to safety at their neighborhood library or attending school events. With these privileges, they can focus on their schoolwork in a way that students across town cannot, beset by persistent threats. are for their safety. (A former LB city council that then included- CD1 vice-mayor / councilor Robert Garcia infamous funding for the former LBPD field anti-gang unit, which Mayor Garcia did not recommend should be restore because board members fail to change the status quo.)

In 2006, a student from Cabrillo was gunned down just outside the school. In 2015, Keshawn Brooks, a 15-year-old Cabrillo High student (who is not a gang member) was stabbed to death in a gang-related robbery on his way home from school walk. In 2019, a video documented a gang-related beating just outside Poly High, symptomatic of the type of gang activity parents had complained about unsuccessfully for years.

It is high time that this became an electoral issue for LBUSD with three incumbents – Benitez, Kerr and Craighead – in preparation for their re-election in 2022.

Has the criminal justice system improved? The shooter (16 at the time of the shooting) has been on trial as an adult, but current LA County District Attorney George Gascn refuses to charge most of the minors as adults. AC voters passed Prop 57 (2016) allowing juvenile court judges to decide whether people aged fourteen and over should be prosecuted and sentenced as adults (prosecutors previously had the power to decide) . a law making this more difficult ( coverage here.

What do you think Melody Ross would recommend if she could talk now? has not forgotten Ms. Ross, and we will not remain silent as others pursue policies that we believe to be misguided and deserve to be corrected at the ballot box.

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