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Having two different console models is great because it allows more gamers to play great games, without spending so much money. In the current generation of games, this trend is more important, since Sony and Microsoft put cheaper variations of the playstation5 and the Xbox series X. However, unlike the Playstation 5 where the main difference between the two models is that only one has a disc tray, the Xbox consoles have more.

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The Xbox Series X is a very different console than his little brother Xbox series S. Even though the Xbox Series S isn’t as solid as its counterpart, it still offers a ton of value without breaking the bank, which has made it a best-selling console. The Xbox Series S is a neat little package with tons of features under its hood, some of which many owners may overlook, or many won’t experience the console’s full potential. This list should help players get a good idea of ​​all the hidden things they can do with the console.


5 remote game

Since Microsoft is creating an “ecosystem” for games, gamers won’t need to buy a specific console but rather pay into the system which includes Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. This makes it easier for gamers to enjoy next-gen games, without having to get a console. Remote Play is a great feature using it because rather than using the power of the console, it uses the power of the cloud, which means less download time and more game time.

This feature is available on both consoles, and the best part is that there is no difference in their performance. Remote Play is a great way to combat limited storage on the Xbox Series S,because it is significantly smaller than its counterpart. It’s a great way for gamers to play games without using their TV, and it works well enough on most devices like phones. It just makes it easier for gamers to get a next-gen experience without bothering to pay for one.

4 cloud gaming

Much like Remote Play, this feature is a great way for gamers to combat storage space on the Xbox Series S and provides gamers with more game time. The difference between the two game modes is that the one can be played on other devices like tablets or phones, and the other on the console itself. Cloud Gaming is probably one of the best things to introduce to both Xbox consoles. Even if players don’t have the best internet, they will still have the same experience as if they downloaded the game to the hard drive.

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This is a feature that many gamers will likely overlook, as streaming games are not quite as popular yet, however, once gamers realize the full potential of this way of gaming, playing games becomes affordable. Xbox Series S was designed to play games differently than Xbox Series X, making them easily accessible. And just like Remote Play, Cloud Gaming is the best way for gamers to get into the game faster. Ultimately, the Xbox Series S is a great way to get gamers playing games, just like they used to.

3 1440p resolution

This is probably the biggest feature that players can overlook, as they might not be able to tell. The Xbox Series X can output 4K resolution, provided gamers have a TV for it, and the console is streaming a great picture. However, for Xbox Series S owners, it’s a bit of a different story. Gaming at 1440p resolution is just as good, especially on lower-powered consoles like the Xbox Series S, as gamers will still get that next-gen feel without any compromises. Also, 1440p is the norm, while 4K gaming is still in its infancy on consoles and still not perfected.

Gamers who have the Xbox Series S can play without issue, which 4K gaming is still plagued by. On top of that, since Microsoft is pushing the console aggressively in the wild, they will still support it long term, and unlike older generations of consoles, the console maker will be supporting them in a number of ways. The only big push Microsoft is making is to beef up the power of the less powerful Xbox Series S, so 1440p might be even better in the long run. All without players spending over $300 to do so.

2 Options of what to install

The games get bigger, Call of Duty: Warzone, for example, does not fit on a hard disk under 500 gigabytes. The good thing about the Xbox Series X/S is that the console gives players the ability to install whatever they want, as long as the game itself allows it. This makes things faster to download, as players would only download what they want. So if a game has two separate sections for singleplayer and multiplayer, making the smaller one first would save more time.

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Like the other items featured on this list, there are good ways to manage storage space on the Xbox Series S. Any updates that need to be installed will be done faster because when players install what they want, updates would only come for those things. Just like Remote Play and Cloud Gaming, it is a faster way to play games.

1 Increase in FPS

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft will apparently be supporting the Xbox Series S for a long time, with a lot of post-launch support like speeding up boost times. But what gamers don’t know is that many games have and will receive a Frames Person Second boost after release. It can make a game look better, and if players are playing something multiplayer, they will get better performance, especially if they are playing one of the best multiplayer games on Gamepass.

Besides getting performance, one of the best things Microsoft has done since the last generation is to fully rely on the backward compatibility feature. This allows gamers to play games from three generations of games from Xbox consoles, all within the “ecosystem”. The nice thing about backwards compatibility on the Xbox Series X/S is that older games look a lot better. Along with getting an Auto HDR boost, the FPS boost makes a lot of older games look brand new. With the Xbox Series S’s 1440p output, gamers can enjoy incredibly capable older games.

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