Why Prince Andrew’s decision to dismiss Victoria Roberts Giuffre’s January 4 trial won’t work, and what it means for him


Despite Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s 2021 civil lawsuit against Prince Andrew for participating in her sex trafficking by Jeffrey Epstein in three alleged cases in 2001 when she was seventeen, Andrew knew he had been in trouble ever since. a decade, give or take, in which he fought an increasingly gloomy rearguard retreat. This retreat intensified over the two years following the suicide of his friend Epstein while in detention in Manhattan. Andrew and his British lawyers – and now, in the wake of the lawsuit, with US defense attorney on the team, Andrew Brettler – have consistently and resolutely denied Ms Giuffre’s accusations, mocking her recollection of the three reports. alleged sex with Andrew. as well as his reasons for bringing the action.

On Monday, January 4, Andrew’s lawyers will attempt to have Ms. Giuffre’s lawsuit dismissed by the New York court, where the lawsuit was filed. The reasons given are innumerable, but they correspond to what lawyer Brettler, in particular, raised, that Ms Giuffre is financially motivated to bring this action and that her recollections of the events are inconsistent at best. Mr. Brettler will appear before Judge Lewis Kaplan on Monday to present his case.

Unfortunately for Andrew, he claimed on camera – in the BBC interview that ended his public life and Crown work in 2019 – that he has no memory of ever meeting Virginia. Roberts. In the long run, that kind of denial, and Andrew’s subsequent obstruction of federal attorneys pursuing his other friend in Epstein’s saga, Ghislaine Maxwell, puts more responsibility on the line for the prince than he would normally like for. himself, especially if the Giuffre trial continues. at the discovery phase and at trial, as his lawyers, the formidable David Boies and Sigrid MacCawley believe.

The background is in order: Prior to Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s trial, she had repeatedly made public statements about Andrew’s actions with her at Epstein’s properties in New York, London and the Virgin Islands. He granted the disastrous interview in November 2019 to the BBC to put an end to the statements. As the world knows, this backfired on him dramatically, forcing a massive retreat that immediately and completely stripped him of all royal patronages, public appearances and duties for the Crown. Since then, it has been extremely clear that Jeffrey Epstein’s extreme toxicity drip drip has successfully made its way into every corner of the prince’s life. Andrew’s friendship with Epstein, had eaten his, Andrew’s, purpose. He became the hollow man of the monarchy.

It started slowly. Nine years before the BBC interview, he was summarily stripped of his role as a post-military business diplomat in the service of the Queen and the country.: After Epstein’s 2009 Florida conviction and ultralight sentence, the British Parliament, Foreign Office and Buckingham Palace took Epstein’s sentencing a little more seriously than the former South Florida federal prosecutor and dishonored Trump cabinet member Alex Acosta as he overturned Epstein’s now infamous conviction on the deal. Basically, Andrew’s friendship with the criminal prompted the British Parliament to force the Crown to strip Andrew of his role as Britain’s international trade envoy. Once they decided to do it, it was clear, and it was quick.

The prince retreated into the folds of his mother’s ermine-lined robes, becoming a full-time royal. He had no choice – the publicly analyzed failure of his trade / diplomatic status hadn’t helped him, and as a royal he couldn’t get a job in the real world anyway. To briefly recap the past decade, Andrew has been welcomed into the royal fold – in some ways he never left – but his public presence has brought a dark veil. He was a serviceman and his military sponsorships were loyal to him, he was well placed to create his middle-aged paunch, could enjoy a good meal or a ski vacation, and was clearly devoted to his daughters, who were busy with marry the best civilian contractors available.

In short, everything seemed settled, but as we have seen, this refuge, too, proved temporary for Andrew.

The fact and impact of last summer’s Giuffre trial and his inexorable ability to train Andrew under the lights of legal scrutiny cannot be overstated. It is as if Andrew is caught in the tractor beam of the Star warsThe franchise’s original Death Star: Prince is sure to be procedurally driven. This is what David Boies was talking about after he filed a complaint on behalf of his client when he said that, for Andrew, “the time is up”.

It is no coincidence that the prince only hired an American lawyer after filing the complaint – until then he had played an extraordinary game of blocking all investigations from the United States, including including those of federal prosecutors of his friend Ghislaine Maxwell, who urged him to come and discuss.

At the time of the hearing on Monday, it will be difficult for the prince’s American defender to argue that the judge should dismiss this trial because the defense considers the trial of Virginia Roberts Giuffre to be insufficiently detailed, or because the plaintiff is motivated by notions of financial gain. Financial settlements in civil lawsuits are common. Andrew himself and his team of British lawyers erred in trying to make it difficult for lawyers for Boies, Schiller and Flexner to (physically) serve Andrew a notice of prosecution last August. The police at the door of the Royal Lodge refused to let the waiter in, and it wasn’t long after Andrew drove a long drive north to his mother’s Scottish retreat for the season opener. grouse at Balmoral Castle.

With this unsightly dance away from the waiters, Andrew and his team did a disservice to Judge Kaplan, whose subsequent irritation in court was evident. On the contrary, Kaplan J. tried to get the proceedings started. He set a general deadline of October to December 2022 for the procedure itself. Deposits on both sides are expected by July 12, 2022. The initial discovery began last month. Judge Kaplan can decide as he sees fit on January 4 in response to the defense’s request, but the judge has shown no deference to the royal and has been resolutely focused on protecting and advancing this process. Prince Andrew is unlikely to get the dismissal decision he is asking for.

There is a minimum of tactical value to arguing for the dismissal, but Andrew would be well advised to start considering a settlement, the very settlement his lawyer will attempt to use as the reason for the dismissal on Monday. Whether Mrs. Giuffre would accept an offer is up for grabs, but for this blind prince, it’s the only arrow left in his quiver that can stop the beast from a public trial in its tracks.

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