Will Microsoft replace Xbox 360 games with gold?


Well, there it is. Xbox has just announced the final Games With Gold selection which will include Xbox 360 titles (and apparently original Xbox titles as well), as the company recently announced that it is dropping the “classic” portion of the program. It’s been a long and sometimes less exciting journey, we have to admit, which is ironic considering the original Xbox title. Thrillville is one of GWG’s newest classic offerings.

That said, we’ve received some amazing Xbox 360 titles over the years at no extra cost, considering most of us are Xbox Live Gold subscribers in one way or another. 360 titles have always been free for dungeon thus, meaning that if your sub goes down, you can still keep those classic games tied to your account.

This fact alone means that this particular part of the service has been incredibly valuable since its introduction in 2013, even if the quality of games in recent years has gone down a bit. This got us thinking, will Microsoft come up with something new to replace Xbox 360 games with Gold?

The company said that, for now at least, the program will continue with only Xbox One titles. If this is the case in the long term, Xbox Live Gold will become much less valuable from October 2022 and beyond. Here is Xbox’s official statement on the end of Xbox 360 GWG:

“We have reached the limit of our ability to offer Xbox 360 games in the catalog; however, Games with Gold will continue to include exciting Xbox One titles and exclusive savings every month.”

Of course, a lot of the focus is on Xbox Game Pass now, and to be honest, we wouldn’t grumble too much if Xbox decided to introduce more GPU benefits to make up for the lack of original Xbox and Xbox 360 games. . With gold titles. Maybe Gold will be completely abandoned, as we said before? We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.

But what do you think? Will Xbox give us something new to replace 360 ​​GWG? Vote in the poll and let us know!


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