Achieve success with the future of ad exchanges [Podcast]


Are you constantly looking for ways to optimize your ad spend? Do you dream of a high ROI paid advertising future? We have great news — The future is now.

Big changes are on the horizon and we know how to amplify your advertising potential into high-quality leads.

John Lee, Microsoft Ads Evangelism Manager at Microsoft, joined me on the SEJ Show to talk about the future of ad exchanges and their ability to boost your potential to thrive with high-performance, low-cost programmatic advertising. resources.

People jump, jump and jump, so there are all kinds of opportunities to target consumers along their decision journey, and Microsoft advertising is a big part of that.–John Lee, 11:25

When people think of Microsoft, a lot of the time they think of enterprise business, B2B, and that’s proven. While it’s still a big chunk of Microsoft’s bottom line, the consumer matters a lot, whether it’s games or devices.–John Lee, 22:46

There is this change in behavior online. We actually see a new character emerge. –John Lee, 46:05

[00:00] – A little about John Lee.
[05:35] – What does Microsoft’s advertising ecosystem look like?
[07:25] – Where to find traditional advertising beyond Bing?
[09:38] – What you can find in Microsoft’s display component.
[12:02] – Targeting in LinkedIn with Microsoft advertising.
[17:13] – Are Microsoft advertisements displayed in the X-box experience?
[23:52] – Important and growing vertical industries that Microsoft has focused on.
[31:22] – Are people still scrolling down and clicking on organic links in the SERPs?
[37:45] – How important are images in search advertising?
[45:26] – New emerging characters.

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All of these other developments, these stream-based elements are new flavors and additional flavors to create an amazing user experience. Whether you’re talking about SEO or paid ads, it all works together to create an on-point user experience on the server, whether it’s Google, whether it’s Bing.–John Lee, 34:28

There’s a lot going on in vertical space, and that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. –John Lee, 28:22

Just as a reminder to all of you who are SEOs and run websites. All of your sites have a feed. This is called an XML sitemap. Make sure it is updated. Google is able to pick it up and not serve errors. All of these motors operate from power supplies. Also, don’t be afraid to submit your RSS feeds for your blog categories in Search Console as well. Imitate this in Webmaster Tools on the Bing side as well. Search engines have become very user friendly. This is the way to go. This is also the way to go from an advertising point of view.–Loren Baker, 33:08

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John Lee’s enthusiasm for digital marketing is contagious and he has the necessary knowledge. He’s been at it for years and he knows how to get results, both as an entrepreneur himself at Clix Marketing (which he co-founded) or in his current role as head of evangelism at Microsoft Advertising.

He has extensive experience in search engine marketing, display advertising and social media marketing – content creator, speaker, trainer and fan of all things digital (marketing and technology).

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