Drunk football fan kicks girlfriend in nose while wearing cast for broken ankle


A drunken football fan has been fined for kicking his girlfriend in the nose while wearing a cast.

Sozzled Anthony Friel, of Browns Lane in the town, had spent all day drinking Old Firm Day when he returned home and kicked his longtime girlfriend in the face.

The 28-year-old pleaded guilty to an amended charge in Paisley Sheriff Court this week, which said he kicked Kirsty Wilson guilty and recklessly in the head, causing her an injury on the August 29 of this year in their apartment in Browns Lane.

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Tax attorney Ms McKechan told court that Friel and Wilson had been a couple for seven years and that three weeks before the incident Friel had broken his right ankle and was in a cast that descended to just below his knee .

Ms McKechan brought the circumstances of August 29 to court, she said: “At around 10 p.m. on Sunday August 29, the accused and the complainant were at their homes.

“The accused had been drinking while attending a football match that day.

“An argument between the two arose due to Friel’s level of intoxication.

“The complainant started to pour the alcoholic beverage that Friel was drinking into the sink to avoid consuming more.

“Friel then said, ‘Look at your condition’ towards the complainant.

“The accused was then seated on the sofa, his ankle resting on a low table.

“Ms. Wilson leaned over the accused and he lifted her leg and hit her on the bridge of her nose.

“It caused a small cut and Ms. Wilson was upset and in pain.

“A neighbor came to the property and saw the blood on Ms. Wilson’s nose and that she was upset.

“Police then attended and noted that the accused was intoxicated and that he was cautioned and charged with an alleged domestic assault at this point. “

“The accused became aggressive towards the police, shouting ‘Pique’ and ‘F ***** g stings. “

While in custody, the accused freely declared: ‘I shouldn’t be here, all I did was lift my leg. “

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Defense officer Ms Ryan explained that Ms Wilson and Friel hoped to reconcile their relationship and put the incident “behind them.”

She told the court: “Mr. Friel had watched an Old Firm game that day and had been drinking before and after the game.

“He had no intention of hitting the complainant, but he accepts that he was behaving in an unacceptable manner.

“Because of the size of the boot, he grabbed it on the head.

“He’s really sorry for the position he’s put his girlfriend in, and they both hope to get their relationship back and put things behind them.”

Sheriff Gillian Craig said: “The only thing I would say is that drinking too much is not an excuse for bad behavior.”

Sheriff Craig fined Friel, who works for a carpentry company, £ 210 a week at £ 10 a week.

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