Here is an easier way to install Google Play Store on Windows 11


A week ago, we released a hack to install the Google Play Store and Google Play Services in Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) for Windows 11.

This allows access to a much wider range of Android apps, compared to the very small selection of 50 apps in the Amazon App Store.

However, this process was quite complicated, notably requiring the use of a Linux environment on Windows. Now the same team has created a somewhat streamlined process using GitHub Actions to customize the WSA.

The new procedure reads as follows:

  1. Fork this deposit
  2. Go to the Action tab and select the workflow Magisk, click on the run button and enter the necessary information (magisk apk download link)
  3. Wait for the action to end and download the artifact
  4. Uninstall WSA
  5. Unzip the artifact
  6. Activate developer mode on Windows
  7. Open powershell with administrator privileges and run Add-AppxPackage -Register .AppxManifest.xml under the unzipped artifact directory
  8. Launch WSA and enable developer mode, launch file manager and wait for file manager pop-up
  9. To run adb connect localhost:58526 to log into WSA and install the Magisk app (the one you use to create) and launch it
  10. Correct the environment as the Magisk app will ask you and restart
  11. Profit by installing Riru and LSPosed

Read all of the disclaimers and the latest instructions on GitHub here.

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