Here’s Why I Love The New Ms. Marvel Poster


Marvel has had a hell of a decade with its movies breaking box office records and its TV series becoming instant fan favorites (Hawkeye, I’m Looking At You). And the best thing about Marvel is that it just keeps getting better. A number of TV shows are on the horizon and we just got our first look at the highly anticipated Ms Marvel series.

Disney Plus just released the poster for the Ms Marvel series and fans are loving it. The show is based on the original comics and will tell the story of how the unlikely hero discovered his powers. If you like the sound of the series and want to catch up on all the Marvel titles before it’s released, be sure to check out our guide on how to sign up for Disney Plus.

The Ms. Marvel Poster

We love the new design (Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney)

The poster is based on the original 2014 comic book cover created by G Willow Wilson (see below). Like the comic, the poster features Ms. Marvel (or Kamala Khan) sitting atop a street lamp looking out over New York City. The poster was published alongside the official trailerso we Marvel fans are really in for a treat.

I love this nod to the original comic. Ms. Marvel has amassed a large fan base as the first Muslim superhero in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), so I think it’s important for Disney to reconnect with the character’s roots like this. Plus, for all the comic book fans out there, it’s a nice touch of nostalgia. Not to mention the fact that it looks so much better than the Hawkeye poster with its dramatic logo and gorgeous sunset color scheme.

A comparison between the Ms. Marvel comic book cover and the poster

The nod to the original comic is a nice touch (Image credit: Marvel Studios/@MsMarvelUK via Twitter)

It looks like I’m not the only one loving the poster, as fans have been flocking to Twitter to compliment the design. One user tweeted, “Finally a banger of a marvel poster,” and another simply replied, “Dope poster.” Fans are already drawing comparisons between the poster and the comic. One user said, “That’s pretty cool. I wish Marvel and others did this stuff more often.”

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We’ll have to wait until June 8 to watch the series, but in the meantime, why not update your viewing setup ahead of release? Check out our roundup of the best TVs. Or if you prefer to create your own comics, head over to our guide on how to download Adobe Illustrator.

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