Megyn Kelly: ‘Freshman Law Student’ Could Discredit Cassidy Hutchinson’s Testimony


Megyn Kelly was the first journalist to go strong after Donald Trump during a presidential debate in 2016.

But now she’s on his side.

On “The Megyn Kelly Show” Thursday, the former Fox News and NBC News correspondent scorned the dramatic Jan. 6 special committee testimony by former White House staffer Cassidy Hutchinson.

‘A first-year law student could have driven a truck through the holes in that testimony,’ Ms Kelly, a law graduate, said.

According According to the Washington Examiner, four members of the all-Democratic panel were not only freshmen law students, but also have law degrees, some with top honors. They are Reps. Jamie Raskin from Maryland, Adam Schiff and Zoe Lofgren from California, and Liz Cheney from Wyoming. All but Ms. Cheney are Democrats.

“Unfortunately, no one was there. [Tuesday]not to mention a full-fledged attorney presenting the defense of Donald Trump or even just pressing the witness on some issues with his testimony,” Ms Kelly said, decrying the lack of due process in the hearing, which many Republican and conservative commentators have called it a trial show.

Ms Kelly noted that Ms Hutchinson often presented hearsay evidence, based on what she “overheard” and was “in close proximity to a conversation”. She also repeatedly told the panel that she had heard “something to the effect of”.

“His memory seemed rather shaky,” Ms Kelly continued. “’Something to the effect of’? Do you remember that very clearly? So tell us what it was.

Other news outlets reported that Ms. Hutchinson’s hearsay claim that Mr. Trump tried to choke his Secret Service driver and get behind the wheel of the presidential limo would both be dismissed by the secret service and was implausible given the layout of the vehicle.

In her testimony, Ms Hutchinson also claimed that Mr Trump asked the Secret Service not to check weapons at his “Stop the Steal” rally when he knew some were armed.

But Ms Kelly noted that the January 6 panelists never asked the obvious follow-up questions.

“What really happened?” she asked. “Has the Secret Service stopped screening people? Were they let in? Nobody suggested that.

M/s. Hutchinson was an aide to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on January 6.


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