Microsoft Internet Explorer hides in Windows 11


Windows 11 has a stowaway, as Internet Explorer hasn’t completely retired from the browser scene. Turns out there’s a way to make Microsoft’s redundant app work on the latest version of Windows, because it’s still lurking inside your gaming PC or laptop’s operating system.

Officially, Windows 11 not supposed to support Internet Explorer, but a knowledgeable user XenoPanther discovered a way to make it work. The retired browser is actually hiding in the regular site, as you can find in the “Manage Browser Add-ons” section in the Internet Properties menu (via The edge). Clicking the “Learn more about toolbars and extensions” hyperlink at the bottom of the window brings the old web browsing tool out of hiding, rather than launching a Microsoft Edge tab.

If you are one of the few Internet Explorer fans, you will have to use the above method every time you want to use it because launching a taskbar shortcut will redirect you to Microsoft Edge. The program is not included in the operating system’s list of installed apps, which means Microsoft probably doesn’t want you to find it. However, if you’re determined to use the battle-worn browser, now you know where to find it.

Internet Explorer finally retired after 26 years of service last month, and its presence in Windows 11 suggests it’s not done yet. The browser likely sticks around due to compatibility issues with tools used by organizations and other entities, but it’s funny to think it just refuses to make its way to the nursing home with Windows 8 and Microsoft’s other defunct services. .

Microsoft’s old internet browser isn’t the only Windows feature running on borrowed time, as the latest Windows 11 update points to a Control Panel removal. Even the latest version of the operating system’s future is at risk, as Windows 12 could completely replace it in 2024.


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