Milford Education Council Candidate for District 3: Holly E. Mulrenan


Actual job: Post-secondary health and science educator, nursing and science tutor, Connecticut RN.

Volunteer experience, if applicable: Town of Milford Board of Health – Appointment; Goodwin University Advisory Council; South Central Connecticut VNA Advisory Council; Annual Reading Aloud School (Elementary and Middle School), Bridgeport; Introducing Parents’ Perspective: Freshman Orientation, Jonathan Law High School, Milford, CT Volunteer from Downtown Cabaret Theater, Bridgeport; Baseball volunteer for US Junior Legion Station 196; Saint-Vincent de Paul’s day soup server.

Education: University of Connecticut, MS Health Promotion; Southern Connect State University, BSN Nursing

If you are elected, what will be your main objective – budget, curriculum, other subject?

One area of ​​continued focus for me is the need to continually tackle the stress of the pandemic that is affecting our young people, in particular, the disruption of their social and emotional stability. Research shows that students perform better when they interact and are emotionally healthy. To this end, Milford is fortunate that Dr Anna Cutaia, the Superintendent of Milford Schools, has made it a priority to support the social and emotional well-being of students and staff. Under his leadership and in partnership with the Milford Parent Teacher Association Council, three key programs were developed and implemented in the onset of COVID-19. Additionally, the Milford School District recently hired eight elementary school counselors, assigning one counselor to each elementary school, to work on building strong relationships with students, family and staff. Measures to support the social and emotional health of our young people must remain an area of ​​focused attention.

What is your position on recent calls by some for more contribution to the curriculum? Do you think the program is appropriate, that there are issues or changes needed in your mind?

Within me resides a true passion for education as well as a deep respect and sense of pride for the Milford school system. As a candidate for the education board, my plan is to support the district’s accomplishments and ensure that board members, administrators, faculty, staff and families continue to work. in full transparency and in partnership to provide quality education to the children of Milford. The district curriculum is appropriate and its accomplishments are numerous; here are a few to highlight:

* Dr. Cutaia has been named Outstanding Superintendent of 2021 by the Connecticut Parent Teacher Association. A testament that parents and teachers support Dr. Cutaia and recognize his strong and effective leadership.

* The language of the world is offered to our youngest students; it started in kindergarten and first grade during the pandemic, then second grade last year and third grade this year. Timing is the key; language learning at an early age is well supported by research as a point of optimal language learning. This offer is a valuable addition, which enhances student development and cultural awareness.

* Creation of elementary science / STEM laboratories and STEM specialists. As someone who has dedicated their life to a scientific career, it is a company that arouses my passion and enthusiasm for our young people. This is the perfect time to exhibit, prepare, excite and encourage students in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Your thoughts on the school budget – how does it look now for what is needed in schools?

One of the Milford School District’s many accomplishments has been to end the year 2020-21 on a balanced budget, in the face of financial strains related to COVID and without soliciting additional funds from the city. An effort has been made to use budgeted funds efficiently. Resources have been streamlined and targeted. Additionally, the board designed two 10-year budget-driven deployment plans for maintenance and curriculum. There is a need for continuous improvement in our buildings and measures are underway, such as the renovations of the high school media center, Jonathan Law and then Joseph A. Foran. The Council and I also agree to support the prioritization of air conditioning and ventilation needs through:

* HEPA filters for all classes

* Request for improvement of fixed assets for school air conditioning

* Support for all major school renovations to include air conditioning

All applicants can also respond on the reasons for their application, the time they have lived in the city and why they are the best for the job.

What I want citizens to know about me is that my diverse background as a nurse, educator, guardian, parent, board member and longtime resident of Milford allows me to bring perspective. unique about the educational needs of our children. I am sincerely grateful to the Milford school system for serving me and my three grown sons well in developing our knowledge base and building our character. Our foundation started with the Milford School District; it taught us to be curious, to ask questions, to seek information, and to apply what we learn to understand topics. A position on the education board is an opportunity to pay up front. My goal is to ensure that the system remains strong, realizes the potential of each student, and continues to prepare students to think critically and become productive members of society.


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