Port Authority of New South Wales crews receive fire training


Port Authority of New South Wales MARINE crews have undergone firefighting training to prepare for an on-water emergency.

The specialized training will ensure that approximately 80 marine workers are equipped to respond to fires and marine pollution incidents.

New South Wales Port Authority CEO Philip Holliday said any incident involving a fire at sea requires a rapid response from Port Authority teams.

“Fortunately, these incidents are rare, but when they do occur our crews must be fully trained to respond quickly to save lives and property, and to protect our marine environment,” Holliday said.

He said the Port Authority of New South Wales is the main responder to maritime incidents, including fires and oil spills in coastal waters extending up to three nautical miles off Fingal Head, Port Stephens and Gerroa.

“We are working closely with our colleagues from Fire and Rescue NSW, NSW Water Police and Transport for NSW (Maritime),” Mr Holliday said.

“Earlier this year, our crews played a vital role in putting out a waterside fire when it broke out in Drummoyne.”

Sarah Marshall, Sydney Port Authority’s chief operating officer, said highly trained emergency response teams regularly respond to reports of marine pollution.

She said they also carry out thousands of safety audits of ships transferring potentially dangerous goods such as oil, gas and chemicals in bulk.

“It is essential that our workforce has the ability to provide an effective response to on-water fires and other maritime incidents,” Ms Marshall said.

“The Port Authority operates a fleet of specialist vessels and equipment used for firefighting, oil spill response and vessel assistance.”


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