Riverbed Adds Visibility and Reporting Capabilities for Major Video Applications


river bed | Aternity announced that it has added critical visibility and reporting capabilities to its unified visibility solutions, including for popular video and collaboration applications Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Key updates to the Riverbed Unified Network Performance Management (NPM) portfolio deliver better application and network intelligence by extracting useful performance data through real-time packet analysis, without having to directly access packet details. In addition to better visibility into popular video applications, these new features provide DNS information and three new TCP metrics, enabling faster resolution of common computer problems.

Specific updates were made to Riverbed AppResponse 11.12 release, which is part of Riverbed’s Unified NPM solution, which enables organizations to deliver comprehensive network and application analysis, helping organizations capture, store and analyze all application interactions as they traverse the network. With powerful network and application analytics and flexible workflows, AppResponse accelerates problem diagnosis and resolution, enabling organizations to resolve issues quickly and deliver a better digital experience to end users.

“Our goal is to support organizations that strive to create high performing hybrid workplaces. In our recent Riverbed | Aternity Hybrid Work Global Survey, while 97% of business leaders and IT managers are comfortable with hybrid employee work, 57% believe that gaining visibility is even more difficult in a hybrid work environment ”, said David Winikoff, vice president, product management at Riverbed | Aternity. “The latest version of Riverbed AppResponse aims to alleviate many day-to-day network issues organizations face with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, as well as common DNS and TCP issues to make the network more secure and employees more productive. “

Improved visibility for Zoom and Microsoft Teams

In today’s hybrid workplace, the use of video has dramatically increased and has become a critical application for fostering team collaboration and increased overall productivity. The singular problem with video collaboration solutions is that they consume a lot of bandwidth and often suffer from performance issues, especially when users are working from low bandwidth home networks. To help address this issue and improve the user experience, Riverbed AppResponse has added full visibility to all media, voice and video from Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

The AppResponse Unified Communications Analysis (UCA) module now automatically detects Zoom and Microsoft Teams media streams, allowing organizations to better support audio and video traffic and highlight the set of quality metrics, such as MOS- CQ, MOS-V, jitter, packet loss, new channel rate, etc. These new details will allow IT to quickly diagnose video and call quality issues for end users, resulting in better collaboration and a better user experience.

“Accelerated digital transformation initiatives have created highly distributed worker and application environments that have resulted in much greater complexity for operations teams. Organizations need to focus on leveraging management solutions that improve operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience, especially for remote or hybrid workers, ”said Bob Laliberte, Senior Analyst, ESG. “Riverbed AppResponse simplifies troubleshooting efforts in these complex, distributed environments, and provides the required visibility into popular unified communication and collaboration solutions to ensure optimized experiences. “

New DNS information for performance and security

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the way the Internet maps alphabetical names to numeric Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. When a web address (URL) is entered into a browser, a DNS query is made to find the IP address of a web server associated with that name.

To resolve DNS performance and security issues, Riverbed AppResponse added three new DNS pieces of information to the Application Stream Analysis (ASA) module, showing results for: all DNS servers; an individual server; and individual DNS transactions.

Top-level TCP metrics

The TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is considered to be the heart of the network. It is the protocol used by almost all modern applications to exchange messages over the network. The current Riverbed AppResponse ASA module works like medical imaging for TCP, providing rich detail in TCP-based applications. In fact, ASA calculates over 60 health and activity metrics for TCP.

This new release takes Riverbed’s TCP analysis to the next level by adding TCP receive window, TCP zero window, and TCP Out-of-Order to the ASA module. These new TCP metrics allow NetOps users to diagnose serious problems without having to dive into packets, simplifying analysis and reducing Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR).

Riverbed AppResponse 11.12 is available now.

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