Scalebound’s impact on Fable is already clear


Microsoft has avoided discussing Fable’s reboot since its announcement, and that may be due to Scalebound’s experience in the spotlight.

Drew and Thuban from Scalebound next to the fairy from the Fable trailer

No matter how much fans want to hear about the new Fable game, Playground Games refuses to budge. The game was announced about a year and a half ago, but Playground didn’t reveal anything new. The reason is not entirely clear. On the one hand, Playground is constantly recruiting new developers to Fable, suggesting that it is still in its infancy. On the other hand, there are indications that Fable has already been in development for at least four years. If Playground has nothing to say yet, fans can only assume that Fable doesn’t have much gameplay to show despite its possible development time.


Still, one would expect Playground and Microsoft to at least try to toot Fable‘s horn more in order to advertise. As a reincarnation of a classic fantasy RPG series, Playground’s Fable is a big problem. Another game may be responsible for Microsoft’s more modest approach to discussing Fable: Scale bound. Not so long ago, Scalebound taught Microsoft the dangers of promising huge things while a game was still in its infancy. Microsoft and Playground may be trying to protect Fable of a similar fate.

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The rise and fall of Scalebound

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For those who don’t remember, Scalebound was an action-RPG in development by Bayonet creator PlatinumGames. In Scalebound, players took control of Drew and his fellow dragon Thuban while exploring the world of Draconis. Not only could players use a variety of dragon-themed magical powers through Drew, but they could command Thuban in battle and sometimes take control of him. In addition to that, Scalebound would feature co-op multiplayer, allowing players to team up with others and their respective dragons to battle colossal bosses. Naturally, ScaleboundThe unique concept and impressive gameplay reveals generated a ton of hype.

Unfortunately, this hype has contributed to Scaleboundis the fall. The game was canceled in early 2017, and although little information was revealed at first, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer later shed some light on the matter. It seems Scalebound being revealed early in development and constantly appearing in Microsoft showcases generated a ton of pressure to create a massive and outstanding game, raising the bar for PlatinumGames internally. Eventually, Platinum and Microsoft agreed that it just didn’t seem possible to deliver a Scalebound experience lived up to expectations, and the game was therefore cancelled. Spencer expressed regret for showing up Scalebound so soon, given the hardship Platinum and Microsoft have been under.

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Fable seems to have learned from Scalebound

A fairy landing next to a skull and a rusty sword in the forest during the Fable 4 trailer

Fablethe silence of makes more sense with the context of Scaleboundtroubled journey. To buzz Fable as constantly as possible certainly generates publicity, but it also creates a lot of pressure for Playground Games. No matter the state Fable is currently in progress, keeping it a secret until it’s almost done is probably safer. Fable fans have been waiting for a new game for years, thanks in part to legends of fables‘ canceled in 2016, so get Playground’s Fable canceled by excessive press would be a great disappointment.

learn from Scalebound is particularly important because Playground Games is out of its comfort zone. While PlatinumGames was known for its action-centric games like Bayonet when it started Scalebound, Playground Games is almost entirely known for the Forza Horizon series. Playground’s new journey into the RPG genre could suffer from excessive time in the public eye and sweet promises on Fablethe contents. A modest approach to Fable advertising is exactly what Playground needs right now. Even if it’s a shame that Scalebound dormant for now, it’s good to see that Microsoft has learned from the experience.

Fable is in development for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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