The Easter egg comics in ‘Ms. Marvel’ explained


How did the conversation start regarding free comics to share with viewers?

SANA AMANAT: We wanted to make sure that every comic we chose captured something from the episode. While “Ms. Marvel” is an adaptation of the comic book series, it contains so many significant moments and comic book references that it wasn’t difficult to determine which comic made the most sense in which episode. You’ll just get a slightly different version of the same type of scene and/or story.

Have these close parallels to the comics always been central to the show’s storytelling? MRS. MARVEL (2014) #15 and MS. MARVEL (2015) #12 have particularly close ties to the episodes…

SANA AMANAT: Yes, they certainly were to some extent. The writers are huge comic book fans and of course I might be biased, but I was happy to keep pushing the episodes in that direction. Lots of gold in those issues we wanted to capture.

What do you think is the most important part of the trip from Kamala to Karachi?

SANA AMANAT: There was something great about Kamala going back to her roots while she was in a lost place. That’s why we took her to Karachi in the comics and there she reconnected with her family but also met someone (Red Dagger) who had created a purpose for himself without any superpowers . There was a need and he answered the call, and Kamala needed to meet someone like that. After all her admiration for Captain Marvel, she needed to see a hero who looked like her.


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