The new Outlook now works with personal Microsoft accounts


What do you want to know

  • Microsoft’s new Outlook web now supports personal Microsoft accounts.
  • The client first rolled out to Insiders in the Office Beta Channel in May 2022, but was limited to use with commercial accounts at the time.
  • The new Outlook features a new interface, built-in support for Microsoft To Do and Loop components, and many more features along the way.

Microsoft has been working on a new Outlook for Windows 11 for some time. It was officially announced in May 2022 and then rolled out to Office Insiders in the beta channel. Initially, it was limited to business email accounts, but now it also works with personal Microsoft accounts.

twitter user Bart B reported the change. We have since verified that the new Outlook works with personal accounts.

The new Outlook for Windows client is web-based and therefore offers a very similar experience to Outlook on the web. It has a new interface, built-in support for Microsoft To Do, and works with loop components. It will also offer the ability to import settings from classic Outlook.

New Outlook toggle

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft plans to replace Windows 11’s built-in Mail and Calendar apps with the new Outlook at some point, but that’s probably a long way off. The app still needs to support several features to be on par with the built-in Windows 11 Mail & Calendar apps, including support for multiple accounts and the ability to work with third-party email accounts.

Microsoft Tech Community Post (opens in a new tab) on the new Outlook lists some of the features that are in progress or under consideration:

  • Multi-account
  • Offline
  • Account Support (
  • account support (Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud and other IMAP accounts)
  • POP support
  • Support for accounts in US government clouds
  • Outlook Data Files (.pst)
  • Continuing Access Assessment
  • Delegation and shared mailboxes
  • Quick steps
  • Research records
  • Reorganization of folders
  • Programmability

Beta Channel Insiders can use the “Try the New Outlook” button in the upper-right corner of the Outlook for Windows app to test out the new Outlook experience. The new Outlook also leaked online (direct download link), allowing the uninitiated to use it.


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