Parmida cuts the ribbon at the Indianola plant


Parmida LED Technologies opens its doors in Indianola.

Governor Tate Reeves was on site Monday morning to inaugurate the new 100,000 square foot distribution facility located in the old Modern Line building in Indianola.

Surrounded by Parmida directors Matt Mahrou, Peyman Mahrou and Parmida Mahrou, along with dozens of other local and regional dignitaries, Reeves cut the tape on the installation, with shelves of the company’s LED product serving as backdrop. fund.

“The Delta is the Mississippi and the Mississippi is the Delta,” Reeves said during his speech before the ribbon cutting. “This is why it is so important that we continue to invest in the Delta. With today’s ribbon cutting, we mark the start of new business, new jobs and new opportunities for residents of this region.

Matt Mahrou, Peyman Mahrou and Parmida Mahrou address the large crowd at the grand opening of Parmida LED Technologies’ new factory in Indianola.

Based in Southern California, Parmida’s journey in the Mississippi Delta began over two years ago with Delta Strong’s aggressive recruiting strategy.

Parmida founder Matt Mahrou said he received a call from a representative of the Delta Council who wanted to travel to Los Angeles to meet with the company about its plans for expansion in the eastern United States.

“This meeting brought us to come here,” said Matt Mahrou.

Center, Peyman Mahrou leads Governor Tate Reeves on a brief tour of the Parmida distribution center in Indianola.

Parmida Vice President Peyman Mahrou said Delta Strong offered something completely unique in its approach to economic development.

“The business case seemed interesting,” said Peyman Mahrou. “Delta Strong organized this unique tour of the region. This is something we were never exposed to during our initial research.

After having traveled through most of the counties of the Delta, everyone made their pitch.

“The business case was presented by each county,” he said. “Really, very good cases from all over the region. It was very difficult to choose where we wanted to end up, but what was important was along the way, we were given options. “

Governor Tate Reeves speaks with Parmida directors Peyman Mahrou, Matt Mahrou and Parmida Mahrou.

Peyman Mahrou said the business climate in Mississippi and the region’s proximity to Memphis, a transportation hub, made the attraction to Mississippi even stronger.

It was all about choosing the right location at the time.

“It was a no-brainer to be in Mississippi and the Delta,” he said, adding that Sunflower County ultimately achieved the strongest business case.

“It was the right county. It was the right community, and it was the right facility, ”said Peyman Mahrou.

The agreement, which was signed with the county in 2019, was helped by a $ 1.5 million capital investment loan through the Mississippi Development Authority, as well as $ 400,000 in funds. provided through a community development grant to help improve facilities.

The Town of Greenwood hosted Parmida on a temporary site while renovations were completed over the past two years.

The project is expected to create at least 20 jobs initially, but the company is looking to expand in the Delta.

The old Modern Line building can be extended or another company can share the space.

“Matt, Peyman and Parm words cannot express how beautiful you made this building,” Sunflower County Supervisory Board Chairman Riley Rice said, addressing the company and others in attendance. Monday. “If you need more space, we can find it for you.”

Indianola Mayor Ken Featherstone said Parmida’s move to the city was the result of a strong economic development strategy.

“They say economic development is the process of finding a needle in a haystack,” Featherstone said. “In this case, we’ve found a rare find that fits right in with Indianola, the crown of the Delta.”

Matt Mahrou has said he hopes bigger things happen for this Indianola distribution center.

“We’re really happy to know that there is a county in Mississippi where we can grow our business. It’s been a long journey, but we’re very happy to be here, actually, ”he said. “We are very happy to be in this community with all of these amazing people.”


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