Mother of six with insect infestation now moves into new home


ST. LOUIS – Fox 2’s You Paid For It team gets results for a mother of six who lives in an apartment on Missouri Avenue in South St. Louis with a horrific insect infestation. She will now move to a new house.

This is a situation that agencies, including the St. Louis Housing Authority, have known about for months.

The Housing Authority pays $ 1,200 a month in taxes for the family to live in an apartment with a colony of dozens of insects clustered on the ceiling, and many of them crawling on the floor.

Latoya Dixon called You Paid For It after saying she got no action from officials, including the Housing Authority.

Fox 2’s Elliott Davis looked into the case and showed the horrific conditions she lived in in a report that aired Monday.

St. Louis Housing Authority official Alana Green said her agency gave Dixon a voucher to move elsewhere. The problem was, Dixon couldn’t find a place that would take her and her children.

Elliott Davis called HUD for help with this deal. He received an email from the HUD spokesperson for the Biden administration in Washington DC

“HUD’s number one priority is the safety and health of those living in HUD-funded housing. Our department is concerned whenever we learn of reports of unsafe conditions. We are investigating these reports, ”the statement read.

Dixon said she had just received the call that the apartment she is moving to had a final inspection and that she may be able to move out as early as tomorrow.

The irony is that it was the same apartment she was told she couldn’t change after the You Paid For It team got involved and put the pressure on the Housing Authority.

Below is a statement from the Executive Director of the St. Louis Housing Authority, Alana Green:

“The St. Louis Housing Authority has been working with Ms. Dixon since reporting the bug problem in her apartment in late September. As you know, the unit in question is neither owned nor managed by the St. Louis Housing Authority. SLHA has notified the owner of the bug problem and it is their responsibility to resolve it. Ms. Dixon initially received a voucher from SLHA in August which allowed her to move to another unit of her choice. We understand that Ms. Dixon has found new accommodation and is working with the owner to finalize her move. We continue to work with her to help speed up her move and resolve this issue.

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